Lucky Me! Australian Raspberry Jelly Slice

Square Jelly Slice Square w watermark web

Have you ever heard of a Jelly Slice? Me neither.

My husband Jim and I had planned to visit NYC last weekend to see friends from Melbourne who have been living in Manhattan since the Fall. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering through a back issue and can’t walk any real distance right now. Visiting NYC when you can’t walk is sheer nonsense, so we had to cancel. But, lucky me, my most excellent Aussie friends decided to come down to visit us here in Arlington instead. Yeah!!

It is no exaggeration to say that I spent 5% of the weekend standing, 60% sitting and 35% lying on the floor. All this reclining makes it hard to cook, so again, lucky me, my friends took over dessert for the weekend. That’s how I was introduced to the Australian specialty of Jelly Slice. Continue reading

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Best Blueberry Scones


When school starts up at my daughter’s elementary school, the PTA at organizes a teachers breakfast for the first day of teacher training. Because our school starts in August, this breakfast takes place near the end of July when blueberries are at their peak. For the last couple of years, I have made these scones as my contribution, but I’ve been making these particular scones ever since I read the original recipe in Cook’s Illustrated, lo these many years ago.

Scones can be, honestly, just terrible. I’ve had many a dry, tasteless, bready triangle that wasn’t worth the energy it took to eat. These scones are definitely worth the time. Continue reading

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Outrageously Delicious Malted Chocolate Brownies

Plated Brownies with Watermark

I have a number of projects that I have photographed, but not found the time to post. This recipe falls into that category. I made these brownies last Summer, if you can believe that, but it wasn’t until now that I was able to write them up. Sorry to make you wait so long because they are fantastically delicious…especially if you love malted desserts like I do.

I am a lover of all things malt and all things chocolate, so it should come as no surprise that these brownies are high on my list of deliciousness. When I found myself with an occasion to make a new non-pie-related dessert, these outrageously delicious Malted Chocolate Brownies came into existence. They are more sweet than bitter and more soft and fudgy than cakey…pretty much exactly the way I like them.

When I made these, I had been playing around with the recipe for this malted chocolate frosting for quite a while, tweeking here and there. Once I had it the way I wanted it, my plan was to pair it with a slightly modified recipe from Ina Garten. Fast forward to me finding Whoppers on sale. Done and done.

So on to the brownies. I’ll be the first to admit that I may have overdone the ratio of brownie to frosting a little bit…maybe. Or maybe not, because this frosting is the bomb! Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Cheesy Chili Cornbread Casserole

Baked Casserole

File this under easy kid-pleasing weeknight dinner or simple side dish. Much like banana bread is really banana cake, cornbread is really more like corn cake and who wouldn’t want to have cake for dinner, right?

We ate this dish for dinner, and my kids cleaned their plates…even my picky girl. This works an entree, but it would also be a great side at a BBQ. The mildly spicy chili paired with the sweet cornbread and the gooey salty cheese is an excellent combination. One of the keys to the kid-friendliness is the Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Chili. It is very very mild. If you are making this for a spicier crowd, you might consider another kind of chili or adding more spice to the chili.

Continue reading

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Salted Cherry Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge

Plated Fudge Square w Watermark

For the second installment of Candyfest 2012, I am happy to bring you the easiest and, perhaps, the tastiest fudge I have ever made.

I love Nutella, but I rarely include Nutella recipes on the blog because, more often than not, including Nutella recipe just seems like a waste. Nutella that tastes great on a spoon, or spread on toast or a cookie, but not so good mixed into a batter. When combined with other elements, often the creamy, hazelnutty milk-chocolatey flavors of Nutella get lost. This isn’t always the case, however, and this fabulous fudge is one of the delicious exceptions. Continue reading

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